Rallies – general information and guidance

We are doing some updates to this page with new guidance from head office, etc. Keep an eye out for the new rally code.

What to Expect on an Isle of Wight Centre Rally

Our gatherings of Caravan and Motorhome Club (CAMC) Members, are nearly always run on a weekend and aim to promote friendship and enjoyment of using our caravans and motorhomes. As a Centre we always have fun and keep things simple in a light-hearted way and try hard to make the events inclusive. Some activities are usually arranged, but you do not have to join in with anything if you don’t want to.

To make sure you are well prepared for the rally we have put together an idea of what, why and when, with some points to consider.

Code of Conduct: Our rallies are as friendly as we can make them, so to minimise any conflicts or problems we have a short Code of Conduct which you will be able to read and download soon.

Bookings and payments: Bookings are made using the booking form on each rally web page. The diary of events in each year’s “Rally and Events” page has the links to get to individual rally pages where you will find all the details of the rally.
We have to pay the owners of each site we use and our rally secretary spends a lot of time negotiating the best rates we can get. We impose a small admin charge, but we do our best to make sure what we charge you just covers the site costs (VAT can be a big problem as we can’t recover that). So, to make sure we can pay the site owners, please pay for your booking by at least seven days prior to the event – details are included in the copy of the booking email you will receive, or see the information below. This can be done by the online Bankers Automated Clearing System (B.A.C.S) to:

Name: The Caravan Club Isle of Wight Centre
A/c: 00608237
Sort Code: 30-97-21
Please put your surname and the rally start date in the reference field

If you are unable to use this payment system, please contact the Rally Secretary via email at rallyseciowcc@gmail.com to make other arrangements.

Please note: To avoid our messages disappearing into spam, please add the following address into your contacts. It is the email address that our booking system uses: webiowcc@iowcentrecamc.co.uk

If you use Gmail, then the email you receive might have a security warning from Gmail (a big orange box!). Don’t worry, you can ignore it. Also check your spam folder as Gmail puts them there sometimes. Our host provider has put a fix in place which should prevent this, but if the message does appear you can safely ignore it.

Cancellation: unless for exceptional reasons, any cancellations with less than seven days’ notice will not be refunded as any expenditure incurred will have to come out of Centre funds. There is a box in the booking form where you can add notes or explain that you want to cancel – so just fill in the booking form again.

Towing! It’s not a thing that is needed very often, if ever, but your towing eye and socket should be in good condition just in case! We have had the odd occasion where we have towed a vehicle off the rally field and have found the towing point in need of some simple maintenance.

The towing point is a threaded hole usually behind a small square cover in the front bumper. Just prise the cover off, get a stick and clean out any debris that might have accumulated, Then work a small amount of grease or oil in – not so much as to fill the hole but just enough to wet the threads. Pop the cover back on and you’ll be prepared for any eventuality! Of course you should also find out where the screw-in towing eye is kept in your vehicle so you know where to find it if you should ever need it.

What to bring: It’s a condition of our rallies that you are self-sufficient in terms of cooking, toilets and waste. We make sure each site has a source of drinking water, most will have grey water disposal, some will have chemical disposal facilities and a few will have electrical hook-up. So, it’s good practice to bring with you a separate water container for filling your toilet, also a rubbish bin / bags as you must take all your dry / recycling rubbish away with you on leaving. Although sites are carefully selected for suitability, you may wish to bring levelling blocks in case of sloping ground.

One rule that we have felt it necessary to impose concerns the control of dogs. Many of our members bring their dog on rallies and we welcome them. However to avoid any hazards when we meet as groups, please make sure you bring a short lead – no more than 2 metres long.

Arriving: Please do not arrive at the rally venue before 4pm. This is to give the Rally Marshal team time to set things up ready for your arrival. The Rally Marshal teams are ordinary members of the Centre, who have volunteered to organise and run the rally. It is a sign of their commitment that they get there just a few hours before you to get lots done!

For example, as you approach the venue, from either direction, look out on the verges or street furniture for the wooden signs saying IOWCC and an arrow. Part of the selection of a rally venue is to ensure an easy, wide access entrance, so give clear signals to other road users and gently pull into the location.

Around 50 metres into the site, you will see the Marshals unit and the Marshals wearing hi-viz jackets waiting to greet you and book you in. Please keep to 5 mph at all times as there may be children running around.

The Marshals will show you where to pitch alongside one of the many markers. Pitch alongside in the same manner as on a CAMC club site, i.e. front or rear offside corner to the post. The posts have been positioned so units are at least 6 metres away from each other to ensure compliance with Health & Safety, especially fire. Please do not move the posts. If you have a second car or visitors with cars they must be parked in a separate, specified parking area.

The Marshals will inform you of water and chemical toilet emptying facilities that are available. Remember, toilets must NEVER be taken to the fresh water drinking tap, this is a serious health hazard.

The Marshals will also tell you of any other information / social programme pertaining to the rally. Do not feel obliged to participate in any events that are being organised, your wishes will be respected. All our rally venues allow BBQ’s on stands / legs but please do not use fire pits without checking with the Marshals as to suitability.

At some time during the rally, often on the last morning, there will be Flagpole meeting. This is where ralliers gather, usually near the Marshal’s unit, to hear the results of the competitions, Centre news, and extend thanks to those who made the rally possible, particularly the Marshals, welcome visitors and new ralliers and announce forthcoming events, etc. Bring your own chair, cups and choice of beverage.

The Rally Marshals will be there for help or advice at anytime during the rally. In the event of any emergency use the 999 system and then inform the Marshals.

Please be mindful that rally venues are in the countryside with all the associated health and safety risks all such locations have as well as the beauty and nature. Look after yourself and always follow the countryside code. Keep safe, you will have a great time!

Rally Secretary
Isle of Wight Centre Caravan & Motorhome Club