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NEWSLETTER: The Newsletter for the end of 2020 is now available, please download it from the “Newsletter” page.

UPDATE: a message from the CAMC head office after the Government’s announcements on 7th Jan:
“Last night’s announcement by the UK Prime Minister confirmed another national lockdown for England. This was preceded by the Welsh and Scottish governments announcing the same restrictions to their nations. 

Unfortunately this means that all Centre rallies and events are not permitted for the foreseeable future and we do not currently have a time scale as to when this may end. The Club sites will remain closed during this time too.

I think this lockdown will be a difficult period for many of us and comes at possibly the most miserable time of the year. We have all had a difficult and unusual Christmas time, and before that an even more challenging 2020, and I am sure that many of you are starting to feel a little dismayed about the immediate future. Please remember that we are all in this together! “

News about the 2021 Rally programme

Following the disapointing, but necessary, cancellation of the 2020 programme, the Centre Committe have been looking forward to 2021. Our Rally Secretary has the following message to all our centre members:

Hi everyone. Isn’t it exciting that the vaccine starting to be administered means we hopefully will be back on the rally field sometime in 2021. In the meantime, we just need to keep safe and patient. It will be worth it!
Over the last few months, I have been contacting possible rally venues and putting together a provisional rally plan for 2021.
I must admit this has been quite a time consuming and challenging task. So many of our regular and or proposed venues have been very slow, if at all, to respond. Most have needed at least two emails and several chase up phone calls. I know this has not been due to anything linked to the centre but because of the huge impact the Covid pandemic has had on venues. The pandemic has resulted in some staff being made redundant, others being off on furlough and others just simply being very nervous about making even a provisional booking for next year.
However, after careful and considerate prompting and building of relationship I am pleased to report that most of the program, date wise, has been confirmed, as outlined below. I say date wise as practically every venue has been unable to confirm costs apart from confirming they will be higher in previous years to try, understandably, and recoup lost revenue from this year.
We are now able to at least publish a very provisional programme, albeit very much subject to Government and CAMC regulations/guidelines. Please treat the draft programme as exactly that, a draft, provisional, tbc, etc. We will not take any bookings until we are able to confirm the rally program. When that happens, we will publish updates on this website, on our Facebook page ‘CAMC IOW Centre’ and by email to our registered centre members.
In any case, as always, there is still a lot of work to put in before any rally gates can be flung open to ensure the health, safety and, most importantly, fun for members.
A key issue is WE NEED MARSHALLS and ASSISTANT MARSHALLS. Regardless of any other factors, without members volunteering to marshal, rallies can not happen. It really isn’t a huge task, there will be lots of support and gives us all the opportunity to be part of the centre in a fulfilling way.
Please look at the rally programme outline and if even if you are just vaguely interested in helping out, send me an email at rallyseciowcc@gmail.com and we can chat about what’s involved.
Thanks everyone, keep safe and warm,
Andy Schofield
CAMC IOW Centre Rally secretary

The provisional programme can be found on our 2021 Programme page and the programme booklet can be downloaded from there also.


Photographic Competition

The 2021 photographic competiton is open and members are invited to submit their photographs digitally or by post by 31st July 2021. Photos that were submitted for 2020 will automatically be entered. Details of the categories, rules, etc, can be found on the “Photo Competiton” page.

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