Photo competition 2023 original

A great set of entries for this year’s competition. You can see all of them on this page and you can vote for your favourites. There are three categories and you can vote for one in each category.

Votes must be received by 23 August 2023.

We have set up several ways to cast your vote: you can either email our secretary or you can use the voting form below. In both cases your votes will checked, verified and counted by our secretary.

To email your vote please list one from each category (e.g W01 – The Needles) and send an email to Alternatively the form below allows you to choose one from each category and “Submit” will automatically send it to the sec.

Results will be announced and prizes awarded at the AGM on Sunday 27 August 2023.

Category 1 – Isle of Wight: a picture of an Isle of Wight scene, or anything of relevance to the Isle of Wight Centre and suitable for the front cover of the Rally Programme 2024. The prize will be a £30 gift voucher and the splendid photographic trophy. The entries are as follows:

W01 – The Needles
W02 – Ryde Beach
W03 – Duver St Helens
W04 – Play Street Lane, Ryde
W05 – Osborne House
W06 – Bembridge
W07 – Bembridge
W08 – Bembridge
W09 – Freshwater to Yarmouth

Category 2 – View From My Van: a photograph portraying the view from your caravan or motorhome taken anywhere on your travels. The prize will be a £15 gift voucher. The entries are as follows:

V01 – Between Carrickfergus and Larne
V02 – Calbourne Heights Sunset
V03 – Parley Glade CCC site Ferndown
V04 – Waverley Park
V05 – Military Road

Category 3 – Insect Life: a photograph of any insect that you have seen and photographed anywhere in the world. The prize will be a £15 gift voucher. The entries are as follows:

I01 – Dragonfly
I02 – Moth
I03 – Butterfly
I04 – Spider
I05 – Fly
I06 – Wasp
I07 – Grasshopper
I08 – Ladybird
I09 – Fly
I10 – Dragonfly
I11 – Butterfly
I12 – Bee
I13 – Butterfly
I14 – Butterfly

Voting form: To automatically send your votes to the secretary, use the form below, or you can list your selections in an email to the sec:

Name of the person casting the vote
One choice for Cat 1
One choice for Cat 2
One choice for Cat 3